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  • ABSTRACT PAPER TEMPLATE (No need for bibliography) should be at least 200 and 750 words. Papers prepared without using the template and abiding by the word count will not be evaluated.


  • Participants who want to send full text must submit their papers in maximum 15 pages according to the FULL text paper presentation template .

  • The author must send his / her abstract according to the request for abstract or full text paper. Full text of the paper will not be accepted afterwards for those who send abstracts.


  • The paper should be prepared using the congress paper template. The instructions of the template usage can be found in the paper template file. 

  • Papers that are not prepared according to the paper template will not be evaluated.


  • Papers should be carefully prepared and submitted so that they can be published without any errors. Because, except for the ones to be made in the referee recommendations, no edits will be allowed in the papers after submission.

  • When sending your papers, please indicate in which field you work in the e-mail.

  • ​​You can submit your paper prepared according to the template in doc/word format to

  • For the submitted papers, a confirmation e-mail is sent by us on the same day that your paper has been received. If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail, check your spam box and contact us by e-mail.  

  • A certificate of participation (in pdf format) will be prepared for the participants 

The papers must be prepared using the Conference PAPER TEMPLATE

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